Weekly Chapel Ministry 

Christicommunity delivers Godly Bible teaching and preaching every week. Conservative, Bible believing, orthodox preachers and teachers from around the globe deliver truths from the scriptures each week. Finding godly pastors and teachers you can trust sometimes seems elusive. Furthermore, with doctrinal apostasy ranging from the health, wealth, and prosperity perversions, liberalism, the misguided woke ministers, and other departures from the historic Christian faith, knowing where to find solid teachers and resources can seem very difficult. Christicommunity remains dedicated to offering the world at large some of the great teachings from godly teachers from around the globe.

Each week we air a teaching from a conservative pastor or Bible teacher for the education, evangelism, and encouragement of Christlike discipleship. Not only can these messages benefit you, but you can use these in small home group sessions, or other Bible study meetings as you examine the Word of God and grow together in the Word.

Each Sunday @ 5:30pm Eastern Standard time in Christicommunity (and on You Tube) you can watch and listen to Godly Bible teaching here at this link: 
Christicommunity Online    

Interested in Teaching with Christicommunity? 
If you have an interest to partner and teach with a host of men from all over the world, let us know and we will meet with you and explore the idea in prayer together. Collectively, these messages travel around the world and we love to promote godly Bible believing pastors and teachers as we communicate Christ for community in America, Asia, Africa, and beyond.

Interested in Hosting a Christicommunity Home Chapel?

Maybe you sense the Lord leading you to establish a home church community, or a Bible study meeting, or maybe you already lead one and desire to partner with a conservative global missions movement. If so, contact us and we will pray and explore this with you. We are praying for you in the field working, laboring, ministering, and making Christlike disciples.